Charity & Impact

Our Mission

Gishwhes loves waking the world up with wild, weird art and crazy public performances. We also love helping out communities. Over the years, Gishers have impacted the world in thousands of different ways. Here are just a few…

Our Impact

Dollars raised for charities:
Random acts of kindness worldwide:
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Senior care facility visits:
Food kitchen volunteers:
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Beaches cleaned:
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Our Stories

Change a Life: Syrian Refugee Families

Gishers are known to be incredibly generous and over the years their support of others with their time, creativity and financial resources is nothing short of life-changing. In 2016, one of our Hunt challenges was in support of our friend Giles Duley and his work with refugee families in Lebanon. Among them, a Syrian mother who’d been shot in the neck by a sniper. Here’s their story…


Gishers answered the call and raised over $200,000 for these families in just 72 hours.


Change a Life: Jacmel Children’s Center

In 2011, gishwhes partnered with Random Acts and began supporting an effort to build a home and school for orphaned children in Jacmel, Haiti following the catastrophic earthquake of 2010. Since then, Gishers have helped fund the completion of the Jacmel Children’s Center and its on-going operations.


Change a Life: Afghanistan Veteran

Gishers rose up to support an amazing family enduring severe hardships. A man found the love of his life in high school and though she suffered from both rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, they forged ahead and started a beautiful family together. Unfortunately, their first child was diagnosed with autism.

To handle medical bills and the costs of raising a child, he joined the army to work toward a better future for his wife and son. However, during his tour in Afghanistan, he was severely injured. He lost both of his legs, has only regained limited use of his right arm, and still contends with other serious medical complications. He’s also dealing with the psychological impacts of the trauma he suffered.

After spending two years in the hospital recovering, he and his family moved into his parents' renovated garage. Another organization began building a home for them, and we decided to furnish it.

Gishers banded together to completely outfit their new home with appliances, furnishings, and everthing they could want for a comfy, happy home.